Our Musical Mission

Onlinemusicjam.com is a labor of love dedicated to creating an interactive community that musicians of all kinds can use to coordinate, share, and spread the joy of jamming online together.

We've been jamming with friends and strangers from the comfort of our homes for many years now. But you can usually count the people making live music in their pajamas on your hands and feet while millions log-on daily to make war. We want to show the world what a truly musical lifestyle is all about and plug everybody in!

There are already a lot of ways to jam on your computer and more are coming. Each has it's own following and there's no easy way to know who's doing what, where they're doing it, or if they're even online...

  • Onlinemusicjam.com is an independent, fully-configured social network where new and experienced jammers can stay connected to share, educate, and meet in real-time while shaping the future of playing online with a multitude of voices.

  • Onlinemusicjam.com is also strictly non-commercial and is likely to stay that way for a long time.

Letting the lunatics run the asylum is the only way to go when it comes to the arts so membership will always be 100% free. If growth makes monetization necessary some day, our belief in the value of a free community will be the standard for figuring out how it could be done with minimal impact on user's experience and privacy.

Our mission to connect musicians, bring online jamming to a bigger audience, and help democratize a potentially epic phenomenon is utterly dependent on a thriving community of diverse players. Our mission is you.


"I do so swear and attest to this on the life of my Telecaster"